Pricefy's product auto-matching feature is highly valued by our customers. Here's how it works:

First, your catalog products must contain EAN, UPC, or GTIN codes (though sometimes it also works with SKUs).

Some platforms, like WooCommerce, do not allow you to enter your code by default. In this case, you must use external modules (mostly free) available online. Here's a quick guide on how to import product codes and costs with WooCommerce.

Once your catalog is uploaded, Pricefy begins the analysis. If the product code contains at least 8 characters, Pricefy searches for it on Google Shopping (specific to your country) and extracts the matching product found in the Google Shopping response.

Google Shopping typically responds with its product page, where it lists all sellers of that product, like this:

Pricefy lists these sellers and their URLs on its Competitors Discovery page

You can now browse matching results, organized by competitor's website.

By clicking "Show" in the Competitor URLs column, you gain access to competitor matching suggestions where you can confirm proposed matches.

You can do this manually by clicking "Confirm Match."

Alternatively, you can confirm matches in bulk by selecting them all using the checkbox near "Competitor URL" and clicking "Confirm Match" in the Massive Actions dropdown, as shown in this image:

Once completed, all those URLs will be added to the Monitored URLs section

What happens if you don't have products EAN,GTIN or UPC codes? Don't worry, you can still try the Quick Automatch process, who compares your products titles with your competitor products titles.