Pricefy's product auto-matching feature is one of the most appreciated by our customers, here is how it works.

First of all, your catalog products must contain the EAN or GTIN code.

Some platforms like WooCommerce do not let you enter in your code by default so you must use external modules (mostly free) available on line.

Once your catalog is upload and analyzed by Pricefy and you add a new competitor, one of the first thing Pricefy does is to check if an EAN or GTIN code is exposed.

If yes, that competitor will be labeled as "Auto-matching Available" which means that you can try launching a match between your catalog's codes and your competitor's catalog codes.

When Pricefy finds the same code on your product and on your competitor's product page, the match is complete and the competitor's URL will be inserted in analysis.

Since that moment, you will receive updated and insight about your competitor's product price.

What happen if your competitor doesn't expose EAN or GTIN information?

Unfortunately there isn't something we can do. The auto-match will not be available for that competitor.