To make your life easier and save your time, Pricefy has introduced the quick auto-match for your competitor's products.

The quick auto-match scans your competitor's website and extract all products name, comparing them with your catalog.

If a competitor's product name is similar to yours, Pricefy will suggest it as possible match, then, you will be able to confirm if the suggestion is correct and can become a match by clicking "Match This".

These are some tips useful to increase the quality of auto-match suggestions:

  • The Brand attribute must be imported in Pricefy.
  • Never try to auto-match a competitor who lists his products in another language.


  • Why I see results that are totally different from my product name?
    This usually happens when your product is not present on your competitor's catalog or is present but with a totally different name. We always try suggest you the most similar products (based on their names) and sometimes, when there aren't products with similar name, we suggest you the one who contain at least similar single words.