Pricefy has two methods for monitoring your competitor urls.

1) Automatch (you can find the guide about how the competitors automatch works here)
2) Manual match

In this guide we will learn how to manually add a new competitor URL in monitoring.

Open the "Competitors" section and click on "Add a competitor" button.

Pricefy will ask you if you need to monitor a marketplace (like Amazon, eBay or Google Shopping) or a general ecommerce website. Let's continue by testing the general ecommerce website option.

In the next step Pricefy checks that competitor's product page has the minimum amount of data required, like Price and Product Title. To do that you must insert a competitor's product page URL.

After Pricefy has checked the competitor as "Valid" you can press the "Save" button below and start adding the competitor URLs.
To do that you must open the Monitored URLs page and click "Add Monitored URL".

The next page you will see is this, and it is where Pricefy asks you to select the product from YOUR CATALOG that you want to match against the competitor's URL you are going to add.

Once you have selected one of your products from the dropdown, you will be able to add the competitor url.

After that, Pricefy will start immediately extracting data from the competitor URL, showing them in Monitored URLs section, like this.

All done! Your competitor URL is now in analysis, twice a day.