Pricefy divides the concept of competitor from competitor's monitored URLs.

Adding a new competitor means creating a scraping profile for it, making it available for adding new monitored URLs so the first step of monitoring a new competitor is add him into your competitors list.

Add new competitor

To add a new competitor we need to test one of his products URL so when you land on the screen above please remember that the URL you need to paste must be a product URL, not the competitor's domain.

After you press "Check Now" our scrapers call that URL and if is valid you will see what they have been able to extract from that competitor URL.

If the price has been extracted correctly, you can press Save and the extraction profile will be active otherwise you need to let us know where the price is using our Chrome application.

How the Chrome app works:

Our Chrome app helps you creating an advanced extracting/monitoring profile for your competitor. For instance, if we are not able to automatically extract the price from your competitor's website, just open one of his product URLs in Chrome and using our Chrome app select the price on the product's page.