The simplest and most easy way to import your products in is by connecting your e-commerce platform so our automatic import process will take care of the rest, alternatively you can upload a CSV file.

If your e-commerce platform is not yet supported by our API quick import system, please upload your CSV to a server and specify the address during the onboarding process so we can import it or upload it by dropping the CSV file in the uploding area.

It usually takes from few seconds to a minute for our system to process the information included in the CSV file .

Direct connection uses proprietary API technology that allows you to send your product data simply by connecting your e-commerce platform with a single click.

If you use one of these platforms you can sync your catalog without having to upload any CSV file but simply connecting your e-commerce.



Feed URL

The file should be placed on an HTTPS or FTP address from which we can retrieve it. If you have IP address restriction (such as a firewall), you need to make sure that our server (IP has access to the file.

Please do not use timestamps or other information that will dynamically change the feed URL as this will prevent us from fetching the file.


Use one of the following encodings for the CSV file:
UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1, Windows-1252


The format must be CSV. Note that the pricing file cannot be in Excel or any other non-text format. If you want to speed up our processing and your updates, compress the feed using gzip / zip.


The data must be structured in rows and columns, where one row represents a product and each column consists of fields with product information.

Each field or column must be separated by a comma (,).

Use "field qualifiers" at the beginning and end of each field. The recommended "field qualifiers" are single ('') or double ("") quotes.

Download our CSV template

Below you can see a video about how to upload your CSV file by inserting the link during the onboarding process.

Field specifications and order

This below is a list of recommended columns. The order in which they are in the file is not important but names cannot be changed or the file will not be valid anymore.

Fields must never contain HTML or javascript code or tags.


sku (required)
code (required)
name (required)
brand (required)
picture_url (required)
price (required)
product_url (optional)
cost (optional)
map (optional - only for Brand accounts)

Download our CSV template

Product Data


Use SKUs as IDs wherever possible. Since SKUs are unique, they can also help you avoid accidentally reusing IDs.

(OK) Sku: ABC123
(KO) Sku: 1


The code field can contain different types of product code (EAN, GTIN, UPC, ISBN). It generally represents the barcode number and is unique. It is used to automatically recognize the product and make the products searchable in the barcode scanner in our app.
By including the EAN code, it will be possible to automatically match your products and publish them on eCommerce UK faster.

Example: 5030930122539


Unique part number of the manufacturer. Different from the code field. This value is not used to automatically recognize the product.

Example: 2250-1500


The quantity is represented by an integer. When a product has no quantity or quantity 0, it is shown as unavailable.


Any variant or model of a product must be clearly indicated. The search engine and filters of eCommerce Italy work using the information in this field. Try using the keywords you want to be found for.

(OK) Name: Apple iPhone 12, 256 GB, gray
(KO) Name: iPhone 12

Your product name will be used to match your product to our products and user search. Include the important details that define your product. Put the most important details first.
Users will usually only see the first 70 characters or less of your title, depending on the screen size.
Use keywords. Keywords will help link your product to a user's search and help the user recognize what you are selling.

Your keywords might include these types of product details:

Product name
Specific product details

Do not include any discount, sale or stock information in the name or the product will be discarded.


The brand of the product. It will show up in our filters.

Example: Nike


Use the full "breadcrumb information". Where possible, we recommend that you include more granular categories as it classifies your product more accurately.

For example, Shoes> Sports Shoes> Running Shoes.

Remember not to confuse the different product types within the categories. An example is to avoid adding accessories for a camera within the camera category.

Use> or - to separate multiple levels into a category. Also, include a space before and after the> or - symbol.

Example: Clothing> Women> Dresses

For gender products (e.g. clothes and perfumes), it is important to divide them into Women, Men and Children. Our filters are based in part on category names.

(OK) Category: Clothing> Woman> Pants
(KO) Category: Fashion and clothing


Product image URL. CMYK format is not supported.



The price of the product must include VAT. Currency does not have to be indicated. Use a period as a decimal marker.

(OK) Price: 25.50
(KO) Price: $ 25.50 excluding VAT


URL of the product in your store. It may also contain tracking parameters for analysis tools such as Google Analytics.


The "Minimum Advertised Price", vat included. It is necessary to fill out the MAP infringements section.

Download our CSV template