It's important for us that our users know which limits Pricefy has and why.

Monitor multiple URLs for a single product: Some marketplaces around the world list product offers all in separate URLs. This means that if an iPhone 14 is sold by 500 sellers, you would need to monitor 500 URLs of that marketplace to know which one has the lowest price every day.

This is obviously not the most efficient way to manage offers in a marketplace, and top websites like Amazon and eBay use one URL per product, which is the current market standard. In Pricefy, it would be simple to offer one-to-many monitoring, but it would be challenging to present all this information in an elegant and easily understandable way. Our goal is to continue experimenting with possible solutions to this limitation.

Quick Automatch competitors without xml sitemap or with more than 500.000 URLs: Quick Automatch is a feature that you can use when your products do not have GTIN or EAN codes. It analyzes your competitor's website and compares your product titles to their titles, suggesting equal or similar products. This would be impractical for websites that host more than 500,000 URLs. You would need to wait for the end of the process for several days (we analyze competitors at a certain speed to avoid slowing down their business).

Monitor variants without a specific url
If you need to monitor a product with variants, it's important that you check first that each variant has its own URL. Pricefy can't select variants from a dropdown or push a button like a human; it monitors your competitors' products using a specific URL. If your competitors' ecommerce store does not change the URL or at least does not add a query string (those strange pieces of code you see at the end of the URL, like ?variant=8899095614) to the original URL, Pricefy can't monitor it.

Monitor a password protected or credentials protected websites
When you have a B2B store it could be necessary to monitor your competitor password or credentials protected website. This is still not possible with Pricefy but is something we are working on and it will be ready in the future.