PRICEFY.IO automatically run a products quality check over your entire catalog once it has imported for the first time.

Our proprietary algorithm check thousands of reviews worldwide for each product to assign an internal rating (between 1 and 5 stars). The rating average is reported in the right upper box called "Quality" using only three values

High: Means that your average catalog quality is very good. Most of the products you are selling have 5 stars.

Medium: Your catalog is composed by great and poor reviewed products.

Low: Your products are not so appreciated by online customers.

If your Quality rating is between Medium and Low the first thing you can do is to identify which products have bad reviews.
To do that simply click on "Rating" sortable column in "Catalog Analysis" and using the pagination check out which products have a low or bad review then define a withdraw strategy.

This will increase your catalog quality on every ecommerce marketplace (Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, etc..) and also your seller rating.


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